It is a complete and full dimensional uplifting for the concept of luxury Eyewear retailing, that BG HOLDING, through Baraka optics pioneered and introduced in the Egyptian market in the 80s.
It is based on complete Exclusivity in terms of brands offered and collection offered through creating an unmatchable and pioneering experience for consumers oriented with extreme luxury experience with an avant grade setting and futuristic experience and exclusive collections and brands.

Stores (Opening soon):

  1. Arkan (by September 2021)
  2. Garden 8 (by September 2021)
  3. City Center Almaza (by September 2021)
  4. Mivida (by October 2021)
  5. Almaza Bay (by June 2021)
  6. Marina Marrasi (by June 2021)
  7. Mall of Arabia ext. (by June 2021)
  8. Water Way 3 (by July 2021)